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About us 

Let's Play Centre Pty Ltd is a family owned business.

Established in 2012 by Adrian and Sylvie, both have qualifications in Child Care Services, Business Management and have two children.

Let's Play Centre staff, Australian & overseas born, have Australian qualifications fully recognised by ACECQA (First Aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis) and having several years of experience with children from all different ages and backgrounds.

Our Premium Service

Let's Play Centre Pty Ltd is C.C.S. (Child Care Subsidy) approved.

Let's Play Centre is catering for all children, including children with food intolerance, with allergy, with religious believes, with sensory difficulties.

Let's Play Centre has extended operating hours with a central location in Ellenbrook. We offer dinner in order to accommodate busy family and/or with long travelling time from/to work.

Our Service is secured by high fences and coded system doors.

Activities & Learning

Let's Play Centre base all activities and learning experiences on My Time Our Place (MTOP). Resources are unlimited and accessible to all children.

Children have the choice of several multi-cultural activities.

Let's Play Centre meet all learning & safety requirements by Government Authorities.

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