Activities &  Learning Experiences
Cognotive Activities
Multiple choices & resources of cognotive activities are offered to children.
Toys for all ages & all genders are available at anytime. Children can develop their imagination at anytime.
Delicious & healthy food
Children are encouraged to discover textures & flavours from all around the World. Our menu is based on children's ideas.
Science & experiments
Science & experiments are offered to children on regular basis. Our "messy room" is busy every day !
Painting techniques
As they get older, children learn about different painting techniques & materials. They are encouraged to challenge themselves.
We encourage children to bond with others regardless ages, cultures, believes.
Quiet time
It's very important to recognise quiet time when needed. We have a huge variety of quiet areas and activities to suit all needs.
Drawing & Coloring
Craft is very important in our curriculum. Children have the choice of items they would like to use to develop their imaginations.
Group activities
Sport, physical activities in group are encouraged to develop fine & gross motor skills.
Board Games
A large variety of board games is offered for all group of ages. Resources are unlimited and available to children upon request.
Our Libary offers more than 200 books. From comics to fairy tales, children will find interest in reading.
Media & technologies
Children have access to multi-medias & technology such as : music, inter-active dancing activities, inter-active learning on Ipad...
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